Send Noods and Food Holidays for Week of Oct 6


That’s hot.
Today is National Noodle Day! Now I’m craving Ramen!!

The FOOD Holidays for this week are:

Sun – National Noodle Day
Mon – National Frappe Day
Tue – National Fluffernutter Day
Wed – National Moldy-Cheese Day
Thur – National Angel Food Cake Day
Fri – National Sausage Pizza Day
Sat – National Gumbo Day

Monican Thoughts on these days…

I love noodles. If we go out to eat my vote will be a Chinese, Thai or Japanese restaurant before Italian 98% of the time.

I used to work at Starbucks in college. It was fun! But I didn’t drink coffee at the time. What a waste!! Now I’d be all over that.

I wasn’t sure what a Fluffernutter was… it’s a sandwich with PB and marshmallow spread. Never had one! Have you?
I don’t really like marshmallows, so I don’t want to try it.

Moldy Cheese Day – have you ever had a super fancy cheese board with blue cheese, nutty bread and jam. It’s a perfect bite of salty, savory, sweet, happy.
(Yes, happy is a flavor.)

Angel food cake is just air in the shape of a cake.

Sausage pizza… I like sausage more than bacon 88% of the time. I like pizza 100% of the time.

Gumbo! I think I’ve only had gumbo one time – it was in New Orleans for the Rock N Roll Marathon race. I don’t remember if I liked it. I was consuming a lot of adult beverages that weekend.

*Nope… just checked and it wasn’t gumbo it was jambalaya. See my RnR New Orleans recap here!

What’s your favorite out of all these days?

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