Run to the Finish Podcast 134


Run Eat Repeat Podcast 134 with Run to the Finish’s Amanda Brooks. Get the notes on Run Eat

Today I’m talking to Amanda from Run to the Finish about her solo ultra marathon and her book for middle of the pack runners. 

Plus –  the Fun Run Challenge is going strong! I want to share some of the best days so far. Let’s start with that in the warm up.

Run Eat Repeat Podcast Episode 134

Warm Up:We have Updates and Exciting Announcements today! If you’re running, walking or multi-tasking – everything I mention will be in the show notes on Run Eat 

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Run Eat Repeat Run to the Finish Podcast 134

Fun Running ChallengeThis month I’m leading a free Fun Run Challenge to help you get back to running and refresh your love of running. There’s a printable pdf calendar on Run Eat 

+21 Runners to Follow on Instagram – 

Some of the highlights so far from the challenge are to tag your Favorite Runners on Instagram. The calendar said to tag 3 for a Follow Friday Party… but I when I went to make my list it was very long! 

I ended up posting 21 of the best runners to follow on Instagram that you might not be following now. 

And I could’ve made the list a lot longer! I might have to update it or do a few posts categorizing funny, running coaches, pro runners, diversity clubs, etc. Because it was so hard to even get the list to about 23 (yes I went over the 21). 

PILE on the MILES Running Challenge

Next I’m inviting you to join the Pile on the Miles Challenge! I’ve been hosting this challenge for years and I really believe that it’s a great way to stay on track during a time of year when that’s extra hard to do. 

This year’s Pile on the Miles Challenge is going to be simple and focused on just trying to get in all the miles you can. 

Invite your friends, family, dogs, enemies, etc.

Click here to join the Pile on the Miles Challenge & get the Miles Tracker!

And coming in January – I’ll be sharing a program that will help you with nutrition! So if you have your exercise set, it will be that much easier to crush it.

And in NEW business I have questions for you… 

  • The Good Place – Have you watched it? Thoughts??
  • Ben stuff – Do you have specific questions? If you’re not familiar at all with this person – do you want a recap of events?

Chime in on the comments below or on the @RunEatRepeat Instagram to let me know! Thanks!

Main Interview with Amanda Brooks from Run to the Finish

Run Eat Repeat Run to the Finish Podcast 134

Now I’m very excited to get to my chat with Amanda. Before the interview I just saw she ran an Ultra Marathon so I started off with that. 

We’re talking about:

  • Her recent solo ultra marathon
  • The lil kinks we feel while training
  • The differences between Road Running and Trail Running
  • Her knee injury and the road back to running
  • Her book – Run to the Finish
  • What’s next for her running goals
  • and more!

I hope you enjoyed that interview! 

Run Eat Repeat Run to the Finish Podcast 134

Run to the Finish Book is available at local book sellers and online via Amazon here!

Keep Up with Amanda from Run to the Finish here:

Now it’s time for the Awards!

Run Eat Repeat Podcast Awards:

  1. Sunglasses with lenses that work in low light – Check out my current fave run sunglasses here.
  2. Amazing Grass Greens – I mix them with another vitamin mix and I’m obsessed.
  3. My Dia de los Muertos face mask – I’ve had it for a while and it’s finally the season to wear it.

face mask redheaded Mexican dia de los muertos

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Run Eat Repeat Run to the Finish Podcast 134

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